The iFixit MasterTech Certification is built to distinguish techs who know their trade from fly-by-night phonies. We expect that technicians with at least a year of experience in smartphone repair should know enough to pass the test. However! We also expect you to study so your investment of time and money isn't wasted.

Many elements of the exam are randomized—so you need to know your stuff, not the test. And remember, any retake requires purchasing a new exam attempt.

Here's your study guide—with a rough weighting of how much the test focuses on that subject. This guide is not comprehensive, but the iFixit website is. All information that you need to pass the test can be found on and on Apple and Samsung's policy sites.

Apple Device Repair (45%)

Samsung Device Repair (20%)

Data (8%)

Electrostatic Discharge (2%)

Water Damage (8%)

Batteries (3%)

Inventory and Parts Sourcing (3%)

Multimeter Basics (2%)

Ethical and Legal Issues (9%)



Multiple Choice Exam FAQ

"General iPhone Repair" come on, man, that's too vague. 

I suppose it is vague. We focus almost entirely on the iPhone 5s in the Apple Device Repair section. But we bring up the iPhone 4s a few times. This isn't necessarily to get at the nuance of iPhone 4s repair—more to get you thinking about troubleshooting a much older device, rather than a new/gently used device.  

I disagree with iFixit's stance on THIS ethical issue. 

If this issue has an objectively correct answer—and we have it wrong—we really, really want to know. Email us at If we say something somewhat subjective like "You should ask for your customers' permission before voiding any existing warranties" and you disagree, that's fine—but you're wrong. You should answer the (very few) subjective questions accordingly.

Isn't "Warranty" a broad subject to test on? 

Think about context. If you've been in business for a while, you're going to know how Samsung and Apple warranties apply to the devices that come to your shop. If you've never done repair professionally, you probably need to read up using the links above.

Where can I find answers to every question in the test?

This isn't high school where every question and every answer are written out word for word somewhere in the book. The study links above should get you started—but this exam is meant for technicians with some experience. This exam uses real repair scenarios encountered by our advisors.